Recalcitrant Slave Punished By His Mistress

This slave made a big mistake not listening to his mistress who just doesn’t tolerate any kind of attitude from her slave. When she saw that her slave has a mind of his own, she decided to give him a face sitting like he never experienced before. He takes it pretty well for the first couple of minutes. The problem starts a little later when his face is totally covered with her ass and there is no way for the air to get in. She doesn’t let up at all. She can hear him mumbling and fighting for air under her ass but still she doesn’t move to see how much can he take. He’s really brave because he’s not giving up in the hardest moments because he wants to show his mistress that he’s made of only the hardest material around. He is a true slave worth keeping and abusing all over again.

Video length: 2:35 min.

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