Amirah Adera in jean shorts facesitting her slave

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-Amirah Adera is a beautiful, exotic Mistress and an expert at facesitting. She really loves to demean and humiliate her slaves, and there are few better ways to do it. She wears a skimpy top that almost allows her perky breasts to fall free, while an even tinier pair of denim shorts leaves her long legs on display while accentuating her incredible ass. Her slave gets a close-up of that ass when she does some jeans facesitting, planting that booty right down over his face, giving him no choice but to worship obediently. She does both forward and reverse facesitting, grinding her round ass and denim-clad pussy over his face, giggling cutely as she watches him beneath her, where he belongs. You’ll really want to check out just how naughty this demanding, leggy brunette can get with her slaves, so make sure to enjoy the whole video!

Video length: 9:44 min.

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Download video – 1080p HD for PC or TV sets – Recommended download, best quality!

Download video – 270p for mobile devices. – Choose this with slower internet connection too.[/am4show]




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