Cathy Heaven facesitting on her perverted wanker of a slave

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-Sexy Cathy Heaven enjoys her workout in a tight top and tighter shorts, but she soon realizes she’s being watched. Her pervy loser of a slave was peeking yet again, so she drags him out from behind the curtain and throws him down to the mat, easily pinning his face beneath her ass. The facesitting goddess practically smothers him beneath it before she strips down, giving you an even better look at her curvy body while he just gets a close-up of her pussy and ass. Her big round ass looks as if it were made for sitting on faces, so it seems this domme has found her calling. She sits face and looks down at him, making him worship her superior pussy while her thighs clamp down around his head, giving him little choice in the matter. She moans in pleasure, but I’m sure that only makes her squeeze those firm thighs even tighter!

Video length: 13:36 min.

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