Curly-haired brunette enjoys topless facesitting on her slave

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This hot brunette knows just how to put a man in his place and while she may be half the size of her slave, she’s still able to dominate him with ease. Pushing him down to the floor on his back, she promptly plants her ass right over his face, wearing just her panties. This topless facesitting makes it difficult for him to concentrate, knowing he’ll be punished if his cock gets hard. To make matters worse, this topless facesitting dominatrix casually slaps at his flaccid cock, taunting and teasing him and practically daring him to grow erect just so she can torment him further! The mischievous cutie practices both forward and reverse facesitting, never letting him get comfortable, knowing that keeping him constantly off-guard is a perfect way to ensure he’s always focusing on her instead of his worthless little cock. See more videos at Facesitting Butts!

Video length: 14:17 min.

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Download video – 1080p HD for PC or TV sets – Recommended download, best quality!

Download video – 270p for mobile devices. – Choose this with slower internet connection too.[/am4show]

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