Forward then backward facesitting to see which she enjoys best

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Shalina Devine is back and again pulling off the sexy dominatrix look in her skimpy PVC top and skirt, a sight that would have any man dropping to his knees. Or in the case of her slave in this video, laying on his back. She absolutely loves facesitting and dishes it out generously in this video, beginning with some forward facesitting.She sits on his face, grinding her hot pussy against his mouth, her thin panties the only thing between them. She pushes her weight down, spiked heels resting on either side of his head while she buries him beneath her pussy. But the backward facesitting is even hotter, since you get to see that round bubble butt of hers bouncing as she rides his face, really smothering him beneath her ass and pussy! Check out this video to see why all the guys are falling for Shalina Devine!

Video length: 11:05 min.

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Download video – 1080p HD for PC or TV sets – Recommended download, best quality!

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  1. frank says:

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  2. raz says:

    Lol anytime and day backwards in anything 832*******

  3. LukasW says:

    fellas if you want to see her first amateur images just type in google: Bumelonto’s galleries

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