Nikky in boots facesitting a lucky and thoroughly demeaned slave

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-Nikky Thorn loves to dehumanize her slaves, casually tossing one to the ground so he can get on his back. The sexy, dominant minx enjoys some facesitting, wiggling her pussy and ass on his face while counting, letting him know how many seconds he’s going without air. She even uses him as human furniture, stretching out her long legs for this boot facesitting. This is a woman who truly enjoys watching men squirm, and she talks down to her slave Miki throughout, letting him know how pathetic he is as well as informing him of exactly what she wants. She presses her ass down against his face and demands to feel his nose pressing right up against her asshole, ensuring that he’s worshiping her in the way she wants rather than the way he wants. This whole video is packed with such hotness, so be sure to check it out.

Video length: 9:43 min.

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Download video – 1080p HD for PC or TV sets – Recommended download, best quality!

Download video – 270p for mobile devices. – Choose this with slower internet connection too.[/am4show]




  1. ken says:

    she can set on my face allthetimeiloveit

  2. Percy says:

    If I could meet her and have her sit on my face, I would be in heaven

  3. 8lackbird2002 says:

    She has a nice pussy jack

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