Submissive Slave Gets Dominated By A Hottie In Blue Jeans

Some people just don’t have luck when it comes to experimenting in sex and trying new things. Facesitting would be pretty fun and satisfying, who knows maybe this guy would even like it, but he got something different instead. The babe sitting on him is pretty hot but she won’t take her jeans off while she’s doing it. She’s very sexy but what can this poor guy do when she’s choking him with those jeans, he can’t even feel her pussy on his face. Well femdom is all about the females anyway so this poor guy just gets used for Viktoria’s amusement and as long as she’s having fun, he has to oblige like a good little slave he is. Viktoria is the kind of mistress that likes to really humiliate and keep her slaves from having fun because she thinks that’s all they deserve.

Video length: 14:10 min.

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