Thin domme in tight jeans facesitting on her slave and grinding down against him

-Facesitting is a sexy enough act on its own, but jeans facesitting takes it to a new level by incorporating a denim/jeans fetish into the humiliating act. This dominatrix is a perfect choice for the act with her tight little body, looking even more incredible in a pair of blue jeans. She casually moves up to her slave and lowers herself onto his face, smothering him beneath her denim-covered ass. She makes sure to try it in both positions, first facing away from his body to make him focus more on her round ass, but then turning around to make it her pussy that presses down on his face. The eager domme grinds and wiggles down against him, rubbing her jeans and pussy over his face for her own pleasure (and amusement!) while he’s made to lie still and endure whatever she chooses to dish out.Thin domme in tight jeans facesitting on her slave and grinding down against him.

Video length: 11:04 minute.

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