Topless-Domme in jeans facesitting on her slave while groping herself

-The sexy young domme in this video loves wearing jeans, but what she loves even more is sitting on faces while wearing jeans. She loves the way the tight denim shows off her amazing ass and legs, plus we get to enjoy how she often goes topless while wearing them, as in this video. The sexy little minx starts off facesitting on her slave, grinding herself down against him while she gropes her perky little breasts and tugs on her hard nipples, clearly getting off on teasing and torturing her slave. The cute blonde gets into it even more when she begins moaning in pleasure, practically riding her slave’s face in the jeans facesitting session, using him as little more than an object for her own pleasure. And, of course, I’m sure you’d love the opportunity to be like the slave in this video and used by such a sexy domme.

Video length: 10:49 min.

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