Adri is In The Mood For Some Female Facesitting Domination

Adri is a total freak when it comes to sex and poor Leopold doesn’t know what he got himself into. Her idea of sex is a little different than his is. He thinks he’s going to get his mind blown, and he’s right, he gets humiliated like never before in his life. Adri slaps him around and does whatever she wants with him and his pecker. It just goes on and on and he gets totally exhausted so she makes him eat her shaved pussy and make her cum. This was probably the best part of this face sitting session for Leopold, he finally got to taste her pussy. Then she got a little sad about poor Leopold so she gave him an awful blowjob with a lousy end. Maybe he will have better luck next time, and then again, maybe he won’t.

Video length: 21:22 min.

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