Amateur Couple Practice Face Sitting In The Living Room

Amateur couple keeps appearing in the face sitting videos, getting ever hotter as time goes on. They like trying it out in all rooms and different outfits, everything goes just as long as they get their daily dose of face sitting and kinky sex, everything is fine. This time the heavily tattooed wife wears silky red lingerie that makes her look very classy, but normally she likes wearing black leather outfits or full body stockings to make herself look sexy and desirable. She is dominating her husband’s face on the floor of the living room for a change of scenery. She’s having a lot of fun obviously but she’s barely letting him breathe. She thinks a second or two is enough time for him to breathe in and rest, so she just sits back and smothers him with her curvy ass.

Video length: 2:52 min.

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