Bossy Ebony Babe Talks On The Phone While Facesitting

Busty natural ebony babe is having an important phone call that she just has to take. Meanwhile her husband is totally immobilized on the bed, wrapped in plastic unable to move at all. She knows this so she takes her time talking on the phone and sits her fat ass on his face. He’s not too happy about all of this but he can’t move an inch and has to take it. She then turns around still smothering him with her big ass when she gets interrupted by his mumbling. All pissed she sits on him even more to remind him who’s the boss in this house. Let’s hope the call didn’t last for hours and if it did than her slave has some real talent for his role. It’s hard to understand how did he even breathe with an ass like that sitting on his face.

Video length: 7:40 min.

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