Brunette Mistress Loves Facesitting In The Forest

Bitchy brunette wearing a black top and black stockings bosses her immobilized boyfriend with her huge ass. She tied him down to the ground and put his head on a stump so that she could nicely fit her awesome ass on his nose and stop him from breathing, or as she says, give him the treatment that he deserves. He’s begging her to let him breathe but she won’t hear it. She found her ideal dominating position and she’s not moving until she feels like it, no matter what he says. This hot femdom video is a real refreshment because it’s happening in the middle of the day outside in the woods. Imagine walking through the park and seeing a kinky couple do their face sitting activities like everything is normal. Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it?

Video length: 4:13 min.

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