Concerned Domme Wonders How Far Can She Go With Face Sitting

Hot babe is one of those women who just need to feel in control to get off. She doesn’t prefer sex or romance like the other ladies, this is a girl that likes to show her dominance over men instead of the other way around. She likes being in charge, that lets her create a defense mechanism which no man can break. The best way to put herself in charge is to sit on a guy’s face and smother him until he’s choking and then she backs off for a second just so he can take a quick breathe and then it’s back to choking again. She’s pushing him to the extreme trying to find out how much torture can he take and he is pretty good, even she is surprised. Finding such a tolerant slave is not easy at all. Everyone has limits but some people can take much more than others as this slave demonstrates.

Video length: 6:13 min.

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