Dominant Brunette Likes Humiliating Her Partners To The Extreme

Slapping men around and choking them half to death is what Larissa Dee likes doing the most in her spare time to blow off some steam of her everyday stress. She’s a girl that doesn’t take no for an answer and doesn’t take any bullshit from no one. When this bald guy tries talking to her she slaps him around and throws him to the ground so she can dominate him anyway she likes. He’s fighting her so she sits on his face for a little queening while slapping him on the head and cursing at him. She can’t believe how cheeky this slave is. Then she puts her pussy piercing right on his face and rubs it until it hurts. She really likes going to the extreme and this guy is a perfect test dummy for her perverted fetish.

Video length: 13:50 min.

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