Dominant Hottie Loves Practicing Face Sitting

When girls get tired of a man’s world and grow a certain hate towards men, they can turn into kinky dominant sluts that just want to feel power over men. This babe is definitely got that power trip in her head and dominance is what she lives for. Her subject is pretty cooperative so she can practice anything she want’s on him. The truth is she’s not that nasty, the only thing she wants is to sit on his face for as long as she can. Her obedient slave has no problem with face sitting so they are a perfect match. She is enjoying every second of this hot action and he is probably thinking about how lucky he is to get sat on by this hot chick. She is in love with face sitting and he is in love with her ass grinding on his face and his nose deep inside her butt crack.

Video length: 5:42 min.

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