Obedient Gimp Does Anything For His Mistress’s Enjoyment

Being able to dominate men and still get off is not always so easy. It depends on a lot of factors but the main problem is finding a really submissive slave that won’t talk back or do anything he’s not told to do. The gimp in this video has no problem with doing anything for his mistress in fact he really gives it all to make her happy and satisfied. She knows to respect that so she gives him a time he won’t forget soon. She uses her favorite submission technique that is face sitting. He’s got no problem with that, because his got one sexy hot ass rubbing against his face. They go about it for some time, and in the end they are both satisfied. The mistress had a couple of orgasms during this hot video, and the slave did his part so he’s happy about that.

Video length: 3:09 min.

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