Sexy Brunette Facesits On A Masked And Groaning Gimp

Some men will do anything for a piece of ass and this fellow might have done himself in by getting in bed with a brunette femdom. She just loves to queen her boyfriends and this guy is not going to be an exception. She puts a mask over his head before laying him out in bed and starting off a facesitting session. Her bare ass gets seated and covers his nose as well as his mouth which restricts his breathing. This nasty whore feels him struggling to breathe and starts getting excited; the more he moves, the hornier she gets. Although he’s going through hell, she still reminds him that sniffing her ass is a privilege not known to many men. In fact he’s quite lucky to have her yummy behind planted on his face, that’s the closest he’s gotten to a woman yet in all of his years. Isn’t that pathetic.

Video length: 5:04 min.

Sequence 03

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