Watching TV Is Better While Sitting On Someone’s Face

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Facesitting aka queening is a fetish where a woman sits on a man’s face because she enjoys the feel of power over her stronger partner, but this chubby black babe looks like nothing is happening the whole time. She’s relaxing, kicked back like a boss, watching TV on a boring afternoon like she’s all alone in the room but the only difference is that she’s sitting on a handcuffed skinny white guys face. The poor dude is fighting for air, she’s got a big ass after all, but she doesn’t care at all and just continues doing what she was doing, like a true dominatrix. Of course she lets him ate a breath but she mustn’t show her slave that she cares at all because the whole femdom fantasy will fall apart if she does that. In the end he was just happy this ordeal was finally over.

After a long day nothing beats putting your feet up and watching some tv but this ebony femdom has her very own and very nasty twist on leisure time. She orders her white man slave to get in position by laying down in front of her couch so that she can plant her sexy black booty and make the most out of her afternoon rest. There is a fine balance in the art of facesitting because you don’t want to smother your slave, but on the other hand pussies and corn holes aren’t going to lick themselves. This sexy ebony is a master of getting her holes eaten out and couldn’t imagine spending time in a better way. Her white sub gets a big black mouthful of ass and gets it all wet while licking. His bossy black woman rubs her ass in his face and stretches out while enjoying his tongue.

Video length: 6:26 min.

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Download video – 1080p HD for PC or TV sets – Recommended download, best quality!

Download video – 270p for mobile devices. – Choose this with slower internet connection too.[/am4show]




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