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Facesitting Butts
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    Full weight facesitting making slave whimper

    -Get ready for more Nikky Thorn, the sexy blonde domme who you can tell loves every second of this. She really gets into it, and it’s obvious that facesitting is one of her favorite things to do. And this isn’t actual, full weight facesitting, as you can tell by her slave’s reactions. She pushes down on his face completely, burying him beneath her pussy and ass to the point where you can hear him whimpering for air. He gasps when […]

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    Cathy Heaven facesitting on her perverted wanker of a slave

    -Sexy Cathy Heaven enjoys her workout in a tight top and tighter shorts, but she soon realizes she’s being watched. Her pervy loser of a slave was peeking yet again, so she drags him out from behind the curtain and throws him down to the mat, easily pinning his face beneath her ass. The facesitting goddess practically smothers him beneath it before she strips down, giving you an even better look at her curvy body while he just gets a […]

  • Video

    Enjoying nude facesitting while wearing nothing but stockings

    -This video features a hot domme wearing nothing but her black stockings, but that doesn’t mean her slave is being rewarded that much. His only reward is the nude facesitting that she gleefully inflicts upon him. Indeed, he should feel honored to have her bare ass and pussy smothering his face, but she doesn’t do it so he can enjoy it. It’s all about her pleasure, after all, and she truly loves facesitting, especially since it encourages slaves to properly […]

  • Video

    Domme in stockings sits on face, writhing and moaning in pleasure

    -Mistress Gina returns, looking as sexy as always and practicing her facesitting skills. Really, sitting on face is her favorite hobby, and she has a book full of willing slaves she can call up at a moment’s notice. This obedient one lays on his back while sexy Gina does as she pleases. She starts by sitting on his face while looking down at him, grinding her ass onto his nose and mouth. She also turns around and makes him worship […]

  • Video

    English Dominatrix Has Facesitting Fun With Her Obedient Slave

    Get off my sofa you stupid male cunt! Who said you could sit on there? I leave you alone for one minute and you are already doing things that I have no asked for you to do. You will pay for what you have done, and when it comes to naughty boys like you, there is only one thing to do: slam my cunt on your face. You must love knowing that I have complete control over you! My power […]

  • Video

    Mistress Gina’s mouth mount dildo facesitting video, wearing only stockings

    -Mouth mount dildo facesitting has to be the hottest kind, and seeing the beautiful Mistress Gina make use of it only makes it sexier. Normal facesitting is great, practically smothering a guy beneath her ass and pussy, but it’s not as pleasurable as penetration. The added humiliation comes from not even letting the slave’s cock penetrate her superior body but instead making him wear a dildo on his face for her to fuck herself with, ensuring that she gets all […]

  • Video

    Hot domme strips nude to treat her slave to naked facesitting

    -Our favorite sexy domme returns for some incredible facesitting action, starting off in a cute pair of panties and red fishnet stockings. Her slave does such a good job of worshiping her while she’s sitting on his face, that she gives him a rare treat: nude facesitting. She allows him to strip her down, giving us all a better view of her round ass, not to mention her perfect breasts. He no doubt enjoys being smothered beneath her hot shaved pussy while she casually […]

  • Video

    Amirah Adera in jean shorts facesitting her slave

    -Amirah Adera is a beautiful, exotic Mistress and an expert at facesitting. She really loves to demean and humiliate her slaves, and there are few better ways to do it. She wears a skimpy top that almost allows her perky breasts to fall free, while an even tinier pair of denim shorts leaves her long legs on display while accentuating her incredible ass. Her slave gets a close-up of that ass when she does some jeans facesitting, planting that booty […]

  • Video

    Shalina Devine smother slave beneath her ass demanding worship

    -Shalina Devine gets fully nude for this video, needing to strip down so that her slave can properly worship her body. She starts off by demanding some ass worship, having him kneel with his back to the wall. She then pushes that round booty back against him, sandwiching him between her glorious ass and the wall, giving him no choice but to worship until she pulls away to let him breathe. She also goes for some facesitting, planting her pussy […]

  • Video

    Blonde panty facesitting on her slave and moaning in pleasure

    -Our favorite young, blonde domme returns in another sexy facesitting video, this time putting Leopold in his place, although I’m quite sure he doesn’t mind the punishment. This sexy and perky girl wears nothing but a pair of panties, proudly showing off her small breasts and long, slender legs. She moves right up to kneel on the floor and sit on his face, first facing his body, grinding her ass down against him, but then deciding to really make Leopold […]

  • Video

    Shalina Devine and her flawless ass facesitting on a lucky boy

    -Shalina Devine is painfully hot and a guy would do anything to get near her, which makes it no surprise why she has so many willing slaves like this one. Wearing a sexy and flirty little top, panties, and over-the-knee boots, she looks hotter than ever, her slave all but begging to be used by her. Facesitting is her favorite thing to do, and she sits herself down on his face while reaching down to roughly squeeze at his body. […]

  • Video

    Forward then backward facesitting to see which she enjoys best

    Shalina Devine is back and again pulling off the sexy dominatrix look in her skimpy PVC top and skirt, a sight that would have any man dropping to his knees. Or in the case of her slave in this video, laying on his back. She absolutely loves facesitting and dishes it out generously in this video, beginning with some forward facesitting.She sits on his face, grinding her hot pussy against his mouth, her thin panties the only thing between them. […]


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